Friday, 6 June 2014


Hearing a UKIP Politician being compared to Hitler earlier.

The cruel irony being that if Churchill were alive and standing for election today he'd probably be compared to Hitler.....

My philosophy.....or my philosophy of philosophy......

Here's the thing.
I love writing.
Always have, always will.
Am I a brilliant writer? I very much doubt it.
Will people even care what I have to say? Possibly not.
I don't even have particularly good grammar and certainly wouldn't describe myself as being very "wordy".
I do however have a certain quirk about my personality, in that I never have to think about what I write. I literally sit down open up the laptop and words pour out. Now shouldn't a talent like that be at least put to some use?
I care very little for structure and what is deemed as "proper writing".
Et voila. My thoughts. Written down. Unstructured and unsolicited. Feel free to pass on any comments.